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Starter Deck: Jaden Yuki

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Starter Deck: Jaden Yuki: 41 cards
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YSDJ-EN025 Banner of Courage Spell/Magic Card / Continuous  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN030 Brain Control Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN015 Chiron the Mage Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN037 Compulsory Evacuation Device Trap Card  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN001 Cyber-Tech Alligator Monster  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN020 Cybernetic Cyclopean Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN003 Dark Blade Monster  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN038 Draining Shield Trap Card  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN033 Dust Tornado Trap Card  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN005 Elemental Hero Avian Monster  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN018 Elemental Hero Bladedge Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN017 Elemental Hero Bubbleman Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN006 Elemental Hero Burstinatrix Monster  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN007 Elemental Hero Clayman Monster  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN000 Elemental Hero Necroshade Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN008 Elemental Hero Sparkman Monster  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN019 Elemental Hero Wildheart Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN011 Exiled Force Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN002 Gemini Elf Monster  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN022 Giant Trunade Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN024 Heavy Storm Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN023 Lightning Blade Spell/Magic Card / Equip  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN029 Lightning Vortex Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN012 Little Winguard Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN032 Lucky Iron Axe Spell/Magic Card / Equip  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN040 Magic Cylinder Trap Card  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN035 Magic Jammer Trap Card / Counter  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN010 Mask of Darkness Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN013 Mataza the Zapper Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN028 Monster Reincarnation Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN027 Necklace of Command Spell/Magic Card / Equip  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN039 Negate Attack Trap Card / Counter  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN014 Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN009 Poison Mummy Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN031 R - Righteous Justice Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN021 Rush Recklessly Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN036 Sakuretsu Armor Trap Card  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN016 Shadowslayer Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN026 Smashing Ground Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN004 Sonic Duck Monster  Fixed  search
YSDJ-EN034 Trap Hole Trap Card  Fixed  search
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