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card review Fodder Launch: Why Every Goblin Deck Should Have One

Card Review
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Fodder Launch

Card text:

As an additional cost to play Fodder Launch, sacrifice a Goblin. Target creature gets -5/-5 until end of turn. Fodder Launch deals 5 damage to that creature’s controller.

  • Number: 114
  • Rarity: U
  • Type: Tribal Sorcery
  • Subtype: Goblin
  • Mana cost: 3B
  • Color: Black
  • Artist: Nils Hamm
Fodder Launch
Why Every Goblin Deck Should Have One

written by konda
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General description:
Fodder Launch is a black tribal sorcery that costs one black mana and 3 colorless mana. It requires a goblin sacrifice to be played. When activated, it gives a creature -5/-5 and deals 5 damage to the creature's controller.

Fodder Launch is very capable of putting down large creatures, as well as smacking your opponent for a respectable 5 damage.

Strategies and game play:
Fodder Launch is one of the most effective forms of creature removal goblins have to offer. Being part goblin, you can bring it back using Boggart Birth Rite for even more fun!

Combos with other cards:
A good portion of Lorwin's goblins have nasty side effects when they die, such as Mudbutton Torchrunner and Hornet Harasser, so sacrificing them only brings more pain for your opponent. Also, Goblins like Mogg War Marshal with echo can be sacrificed to save you the cost of their echo. And, you get another goblin to pop!

Ways to counteract it:
Fodder Launch susceptible to countering, beefing up the creature, or preventing damage effects. Also, being a sorcery, it can't be used as a response to another spell/ability/attack/etc.

A powerful card for a low cost.

Fodder Launch requires a goblin to play, so if your field is empty, you will just have to wait.

Fodder Launch is available in foil or normal from the set Lorwin.

Artwork and aesthetics:
A deceased goblin is launched at some unsuspecting target. Ewww...

Overall rating:

I give this card a 9 out of 10. While amazingly powerful in a goblin deck, it is useless unless you have a large amount of goblins in your deck. No self respecting goblin deck should not have at least one copy of this card.


Modified on May 19, 2010 08:51 am

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United States

Avatar for ambrotos
Subject: Got a point   Posted: May 19, 2010 08:51 am Reply with quote Report content icon

It is a useful sorcery for Goblins but from what I have seen Black Goblin decks are not common. Red is actually the prefered color for them from what I have seen. There is no doubt its a good card but I am yet to see it used to its best.
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