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card review The MachineLionDeity Strikewurm-Leo

Card Review
The MachineLionDeity Strikewurm-Leo: click to enlarge
The MachineLionDeity Strikewurm-Leo

Card text:

[LV1][LV2][LV3] Heavy Armor: Purple, Green, White, Yellow (Permanent) This Spirit is invincible against the effects of all opposing Spirits, Braves, Nexus, and Spell Cards of the listed colors. [LV2][LV2][LV3] When your "Galaxian" or "Astral Soul" spirit other than this spirit is exhausted, refresh this spirit. (When Braved) [LV3] All your "Galaxian" or "Astral Soul" spirits gain 1 white symbol.

  • Number: X4
  • Rarity: Zodiac X Rare
  • Card Type: Spirit
  • Color: White
  • Spirit Type: Galaxian, Astral Deity
  • Cost: 8
  • Reduction: DDDD
  • Gems: 1
The MachineLionDeity Strikewurm-Leo
written by granddragon
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To start things,this is 1 of the 12 galaxian cards that despite have come out a long time,its is still 1 of the most popular card there is.It may have a high cost of 8,but with 4 white reduction.It may be consider a little bit expensive,but once you use it,you get hook up on its power.At LV 1,it start off with 6000,which may not be hugely powerful, but it’s good for only the first level.For 2 core, it can be bought to LV2, which gives it 9000BP. At LV3, for 4 core, it has a grand total of 12000BP.

The MachineLionDeity Strikewurm-Leo has 3 separate effects at all 3 LV. Its first effect is activate at all LV.It possess 4 colours of Invincibility: Purple, Green, White, Yellow.Which make it invincible against the effects of all opposing Spirits, Braves, Nexus, and Spell Cards of the listed colors.Its second effect which is gain at lv 2 and 3 is the ability to refresh when any other Galaxian or Astral Soul spirit other than this spirit is exhausted.Its effect is when it braved,all Galaxian or Astral Soul spirits on the field gain 1 white symbol.All 3 of its effect can prove to be deadly once use in full formation.

There are a variety of cards that can be use to support this card.If you are playing a galaxian deck,be sure to add in the standard nexus,The Shining Galaxy and other types of galaxian would be powerful.Here a short list of the cards which might help in a galaxian deck, The ScorpioKnight Scor-Spear, The CancerBushin Cancerd,MagicalTwinsDeity Geminize,The BullDragonDeity Dragonic-Taurus, The EvilCapricornusDeity Stein-Bolg, The ShineCentaurusDeity Sagitto-Apollodragon and The SnakeMasterDeity Asklepiooze.If you are playing a Strikewurm or a white theme deck,it would be best to put 3 Strikewurm-Leo in the deck.With 2 or more braved Strikewurm-Leo on the field,they would be nearly impossible to defend against.

There a lot of support card for Strikewurm-Leo,ranging in all the types of card.The nexus that would go well would be the The Light Sacred Sword,which at LV1,give all your spirits with Immunity or Invincibility "(Ice Wall: Purple/White) (During opponent's turn) When your opponent activates a purple or white magic effect, by exhausting this spirit, negate the magic effect".The nexus second effect at LV2,at the unlikely event that when this braved spirit is destroy,it can return Strikewurm-Leo to the hand.The second nexus that would give Strikewurm-Leo a complete protection would be The Freezing Fjord,its first effect at LV1,allow it to have 2 white symbol when you summon a brave card.Its second effect is what makes this nexus so special,at LV2,all your braved spirits get the following: "Invincibility : Red, Blue (Permanent) This Spirit is invincible against the effects of all opposing Spirits, Braves, Nexus, and Spell Cards of the listed colors. "Sadly,this additonal 2 Invincibility only applies during the opponent attack step,but it is plenty strong.The braves that would be useful in helping would be Manekicat,Hawk-Breaker and The ChargingMachineDragon Archaelancer,the first brave when summoned,allows you to summon a white or green spirit card from your hand without paying it's cost. However, the summoned spirit loses it's (When this spirit is summoned) effect,considering Leo cost and its lack of summon effect,its the perfect partner for Leo,plus it can force the opponent to exhaust 1 of their spirits.Hawk-Breaker would be useful if you intend to use Leo as a defensive tactic,if you let it stay on the field in spirit condition, all your spirits get Invincibillity: Red. They cannot be effected by opposing red spirit, brave, nexus or magic effects.In additional,when it is braved, (When This Spirit Blocks) For each symbol on the opposing spirit it's battling, this spirit gets +5000BP.For each symbol on the opposing spirit it's battling, this spirit gets +5000BP,not a bad boost of power,right?The 3rd brave might be unfamiliar to most of use,since when it is summon,it can only let you draw a card and destroy a opposing nexus,plenty of cards can do better,you might think.However,the true power of this spirit lies in braving this card to 2 of your Strikewurm-Leo with this brave,once used,both of your Leo would enter a state know as BPMAX,completely unstoppable and can only be destroy a another spirit with BPMAX state.There is not much to say about the type of bursts can support,the usual mix of card would be Burst Wall,Dimension Sword,Triple Stab and The GlacialHero Lord-Dragon-Glazar.These few card would be more than enough to cause your opponent trouble.The types of spell that provide the best support would be Absolute Strike and Crescent Howling,Absolute Strike allow to target as many opponent's spirit as you like. During this turn, the targeted spirits must attack if possible. This effect cannot be used if you don't have a card with "Strike" in their name on your field,while Crescent Howling let you send 1 opposing spirit to the hand. After that, when you have a card with "Strike" in the name, send another opposing spirit to the hand.

Normally,with 2 or more Leo on the field,its more than enough to make you surrender,either finish your opponent fast or use a spirit with high enough BP.(WARNING,THE HIGH BP COUNTER WOULD NOT WORK IF YOUR OPPONENT USE THE BPMAX STRATEGY).The most effective way to stop this spirit is to use battle stopping cards like Burst Wall.Red deck destruction is also suitable,a lot of red Charge and a Shining Flame would possibly destroy Leo.The best way to completely defeat Leo would be using yellow,since yellow spirits have the effect cannot be block,which target your spirits instead of Leo,allow you to bypass Leo Invincibility,the yellow burst moonlight punish can also bypass Leo Invincibility,allowing you to unleash a full attack.

Its artwork is wonderfully created,majestic and intimidating.A machine that of immense strength.I give it a 10/10.

(PS,if you think this is good,pls rate it a 5,if you rate it a 4 or below,pls tell me how to improve,all suggestions are welcome,TQ.)


Modified on September 26, 2014 08:19 pm

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review is good, but being the picky person I am I just can't bring myself to call this one a 5. ^^;
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