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card review The RatTwelveGodKing Mouchuu: The Cost 2 God King

Card Review
The RatTwelveGodKing Mouchuu: click to enlarge
The RatTwelveGodKing Mouchuu

Card text:

[LV1][LV2][LV3] Seal - (When Summoned) Send Soul Core(Soul Core) from your Reserve to your Life.

[LV1][LV2][LV3] When braving with this spirit, disregard the brave condition.

{During Seal} [LV2][LV3] (Every Attack Step) When your Spirits in family "God-King"/"Ten Crown" are destroyed by opposing effects, they can remain on the field in the same position

  • Number: x05
  • Rarity: X Rare
  • Card Type: Spirit
  • Color: Yellow
  • Spirit Type: God-King, Clown, DriftingS
  • Cost: 2
  • Reduction: T
  • Gems: 1
The RatTwelveGodKing Mouchuu
The Cost 2 God King

written by  Premium Member LV6
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General description:
The Cheapest God-King and Sandrat's main card, please welcome The RatTwelveGodKing Mouchuu, the Yellow X-Rare from BS38. It has a good cost of 2 alongside with a Yellow Reduction symbol, making it a staple in a lot of God-King based decks. For a cost 2, it's BP isn't bad, at level 1(1 core) it has 3000BP, level 2(2 core) has 4000BP, and at level 3(3 core) it has 5000BP.

Mouchuu has a really useful (When Summoned) effect at all levels: Seal. Though Seal in this meta isn't as prevalent due to the use of Advent making this meta extremely fast paced, in Multi-Coloured God King decks, being able to seal with only a mere cost of 2 makes Mouchuu quite a staple inside the deck. It has another effect on all levels: "When braving with this spirit, disregard the brave condition." This makes it so that Mouchuu is able to brave and activate the Double Drive of powerful cards such as Super-Wind Demon-God and Super-Flame Demon-God , as well as work with any brave/imagine brave that you choose to put inside your deck.

At Level 2/3, it has an effect during Seal: "(Every Attack Step) When your Spirits in family "God-King"/"Ten Crown" are destroyed by opposing effects, they can remain on the field in the same position." Though this sounds powerful at first, it can be actually quite underwhelming. Firstly it states "Every Attack Step", which means that your opponent can just choose to activate the flash effect during his main step to destroy. Another aspect is that your opponent can just return Mouchuu to hand and then destroy the other spirits while you look on helplessly. It also doesn't aid with Purple Depletion, which means that cards that combo with The Grandwalker Osiris or the ever infamous The Hellsoil FourDemonLord Magnamizer will be able to stop the card in it's tracks.

This effect does have its merit, as it stops board wipes like The WarOgre Murciela from working and stops cards like The SupernovaDragon Siegwurm-Nova from activating it's "When Attacks" effect(though it doesn't prevent hand destroy). Even though it does have it's downsides, Mouchuu's level2/3 effect can still be a useful effect to have if your opponent can't deal with it.

Strategies and game play:
This Card is mainly used within God-King to provide a somewhat cheap Seal and also protect them from opposing effects during the attack step. Use this card in Seal Orientated decks can help quicken the pace, since a lot of cards which have seal tend to be quite high cost with Mouchuu being only at 2. Though God-King/Seal-Orientated decks are not really meta at the current moment, they are still playable and if played well, can still be a good deck to play with.

Combos with other cards:
Mouchuu has a lot of synergy with most God-King/Seal-Orientated decks but there are a few that stand out. In any deck, you need both Cores and Draws. In God-King, Mouchuu helps solve both of these problems. For Cores, you can pair this card up with The AncientGodKing GodBird Gardarla , which gives 3 cores to you when summoned, with also a useful level 3 effect that can take the opponents life and refresh the spirit. There are a variety of ways which you can get draws with God-King, but there are a few that standout expecially with Mouchuu Support. Firstly, is The Flowering Yellow Castle Gates . This card can provide extra draws(Revealing Mouchuu, getting Extra Draws, then summoning Mouchuu in the same turn to limit your opponents knowledge), and more importantly, also gives a yellow symbol in order to reduce the cost of Mouchuu, along with effects to block opponents from refreshing their spirits during flash timing.

Another card that synergizes well with Mouchuu is The MagicalTwinsDeity Geminize . Geminize's Level 2/3 effect allows it to summon 1 GodKing spirit from hand with no cost when you summon another, which means that you can summon Mouchuu, and then a high cost God-King like The BalanceDeity Libra-Golem or The WaterCarrierDeity Aqua-Elysion using Geminize's effect at no cost. However, with cards like Godseeker-Alpharegion and the Zero-Counters that are running around, it can be countered quite easily.

The last card that works wonders with it in God King is the card The AncientGodKing Whale Eldario . Not only can you use it to deplete opposing spirits, you can also draw 3 cards from the deck in order to power your later spirits, and it's handy that the burst effect of Eldario is for you to seal. This card and The AncientGodKing Leopard Braigan was useful back when God King was prevalent, but now since God-King is almost no where to be seen Braigan hasn't got a large niche and Eldario is mainly used for it's draw support(even though the Level2/3 effects is still quite good).

Another Deck that was fun to use was a Aggro Yellow Deck focused on Mouchuu and The KylinStarBeast Rean , which used cards like the aforementioned The Flowering Yellow Castle Gates and The Yellow Holy Relic for draw support, along with magic such as Magician's Potion and Yellow Recover to recover. This deck mainly used Both Mouchuu and Rean's ability to brave with any brave and used braves like the double symbol Yellow Demon-God and Early Game Magic Demon-God to cause damage. There was a variety of supporting cast, all lower then cost 4, but the most prevalent is The FiftySeventhMonkeyMaster Onkot-Merlin , which could summon the somewhat high cost Yellow Demon-God from hand onto the board.

Ways to counteract it:
As mentioned before, cards that return spirits to hand like Diamond Wall or to the deck like Triple Stab can easily deal with Mouchuu by sending them back to the hand/deck. There is also the choice of cards like The UnderworldSnakeDeity Authaal which can destroy in the main step, or target cards like Spring-Triangle-Dragon which can target and destroy Mouchuu through BP difference. Mouchuu also doesn't prevent against purple depletion, so it's vulnerable to getting it's level down to 1 and having the other spirits destroyed.

It's Cheap, which means that a lot of God-King decks, even if they're not Yellow, can use this card as a good quick seal.
It has a good Level 2 effect for such a low cost, making quite a nice card to bring if you have the deck space for it.

Level 3 BP is still somewhat low for the current Meta.
Weak to Purple and White(Core Depletion and Return to Hand)

One way to counteract Mouchuu's weaknesses is by using the The OxTwelveGodKing Avalanche-Bison , but it only covers the opponents turn and not yours.

Artwork and aesthetics:
The Artwork symbolises somewhat of a Joker/Clown/Magician effect. This means connects back to Sandrat and his character, who is somewhat joyful and is quite a nice sense of Comedic Relief throughout the Double Drive Anime. I think the Joker comes in through the No Brave Condition effect, which means that it just somewhat trolls and can brave to anything that it wants to. A Magician is also able to hide the truth with it's various misdirections, so it's level 2/3 effect is a reflection of that misdirection because the spirits can't be destroyed. The Artwork of this card is amazing and really brings out the character.

Mouchuu is given this kind of appearance because of an old Chinese Folktale. The god wanted animals as part of a zodiac, so he invited all animals to a race to determine the victor. The Cat and Rat had agreed to wake each other up if the other had continued sleeping. However, the Rat reneged on his promise, and hid on the Ox, who was powerful enough to cross the sea that they needed to. When the Ox landed on the shore, the light rat was able to overtake it and come first place.

Overall rating:
I give this card a rating of 7-8/10 since it's quite a versatile card, but the weaknesses keep it in check


Modified on December 7, 2018 12:33 am

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