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card review The DinosaurRuler Dinobrizer: The Pseudo Judgement Dragon

Card Review
The DinosaurRuler Dinobrizer: click to enlarge
The DinosaurRuler Dinobrizer

Card text:

Flash - Advent: Red & Cost 5 or more (Either Attack Step)
By sending your Soul Core to the Trash, stack this card from your hand onto your target spirit.

[LV1][LV2] (When Advents) Ignoring the "BP +" of Braves, destroy every opposing Spirit/Ultimate with 10000 BP or less. Effects of Spirits/Ultimates destroyed by this effect do not activate.

[LV2] Flash - Consecutive Dominance (When Attacks) By discarding three of this Spirit's Red pre-advent cards, when this turn ends, (Your Turn) occurs one more time.

  • Number: 96
  • Rarity: X Rare
  • Card Type: Spirit
  • Color: Red
  • Spirit Type: TerraD
  • Cost: 8
  • Reduction: RRRR
  • Gems: 1
The DinosaurRuler Dinobrizer
The Pseudo Judgement Dragon

written by  Premium Member LV6
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General description:
The Ultimate Terra Dragon and the Red X-Rare of BS41, The DinosaurRuler Dinobrizer(Dinobrizer for short), descend upon us! This card has a cost of 8 with 4 red reduction, and 4 cost is still a lot in this current meta. However, it has the ability Advent, which, with the Soul Core, you can advent for free during the Flash Step. At Level 1, it has 8000 BP, and at level 2, it has 16000 BP, which in this current meta, simply isn't a lot. However, for it's advent cost, the BP is fine.

The advent condition deserves a mention. Right now, for the Terra Dragon Cards that are in the advent saga, a lot of the advent ones have a cost of 6, while a lot of the terra's without advent have a cost of 3. This means that you can combo 3-6-8 in between turns.

There are 2 main effects for Dinobrizer: It's When Advents effect and it's Flash-When Attacks Effect. Both effects obviously have their own merit.

It's When Advents effect is "Ignoring the "BP +" of Braves, destroy every opposing Spirit/Ultimate with 10000 BP or less. Effects of Spirits/Ultimates destroyed by this effect do not activate." Though 10000 BP or less is quite low for the meta, if your opponent is using a lot of low cost spirits then this would be a good board clear, though cards like The SengokuCommander Siegfried-Kai can probably do a better job. However, the merit of using this effect is that, "When Destroyed" effects of spirits won't activate. That means, the annoying effect of The EarthSeraph Ramdiel or Godseeker-Negasbok can't be activated, with Ramdiel being sent to trash and Negasbok not having a chance to search for Artemis again. That being said, this will still only see play within Terra Dragon, but it's still a nice effect regardless to have for both offence and defence.

It's Second effect is the main reason why this card will see play, and is also completely unique to Dinobrizer. It states "By discarding three of this Spirit's Red pre-advent cards, when this turn ends, (Your Turn) occurs one more time." This effect probably reminds you of cards like The ConvictionDownfallSword Judgement-Dragon-Sword or The ConvictionDownfallDragon Judgment-Dragonis . However, both those effects are one turn only, when Dinobrizer's effect can be repeated as long as you have the cards to do so. However, since this is a Flash Timing effect, you are still prone to bouncing magic, so make sure you are ready before using it.

Strategies and game play:
Terra Dragon in the Advent Era have a lot of cards which focus on getting more and more pre-advent cards so that Dinobrizer can work it's magic. Dinobrizer will probably only work in these kinds of decks which are dedicated to adding pre-advent cards, so it can use it's second effect quite often. Terra Dragon hasn't been meta due to it's still slow pace, but if you are able to pull this combo off, momentum could vastly change in your favour.

Combos with other cards:
There are 2 ways of getting Pre-Advent cards under Dinobrizer right now. One is from the Trash, and the other from the Hand.

Firstly, is the effect from the Trash. This mainly uses the Terra Dragon Reload Brave, The DinosaurGun DinolocGun to get cards from the trash onto Dinobrizer. DinolocGun's effect is also a Flash effect, which means that you can activate the effect on the turn that you reload brave it to Dinobrizer. In order to get cards in the trash, the nexus Horned Dragon Mountain can be used for it's first effect, to discard cards from your hand into the trash, and if you don't need to dump cards in the trash, you can instead choose to dump Dyna Power , which comes back to you hand anyway so the nexus effect becomes no condition. There is also the merit of returning cards that were discarded by Dinobrizer's own ability, so that you can charge him up faster.

The second way to get pre-advent cards is from the hand. Almost all the advent-era Terra Dragon cards have some sort of way to get pre-advent cards, so I'll just name the notable few. First is the aforementioned Horned Dragon Mountain, which can add pre-advent cards to a spirit with advent when you decrease the life. Another is The DinosaurAlliance Acrocanthorex , which allows you to add pre-advent cards to use it's quite useful "When Advents" effect. The Burst The DinosaurAlliance ThunderBladeElectrosaurus can be a quick way to get a cost 6 spirit out for Dinobrizer to use, and also has a added bonus of adding another pre-advent card. The last mention is the magic Jurassic Spear , which let's you destroy an opposing spirit with two symbols or more, and add 2 pre-advent cards to this spirit(You can add the pre-advent cards even if you don't destroy a spirit). With a meta filled with plenty of cards that have two symbols or more, for example The SupernovaDragon Siegwurm-Nova or spirits boosted by Artemis's Grand Field, Jurassic Spear can put in a lot of work in destroying and adding pre-advent cards.

Though we have all that, there still needs to be a way to get the card out. The Red Drawing card July Draw can help you draw through your deck, and cards like The DinosaurAlliance Armorhorn Dreadlosaurus will let you draw cards depending how many pre-advent cards it has(which shouldn't be much of a worry), and the card The DinosaurAlliance Stegoral can be used so that you can advent twice in your turn, in order to get Dinobrizer out quicker. A Honourable mention is the The Dark Galaxy of Dust , which although is a cost 5, leaves your spirits refreshed and ready to defend opponent's attacks.

Ways to counteract it:
The best way to counter Dinobrizer is using the fact that defender can flash first, and bouncing it's pre-advent cards with cards like Triple Stab or Diamond Wall . You can also choose to deplete it's cores so it doesn't have any core to be at level 2 so it can't activate Consecutive Dominance, and then destroy it with The WarOgre Murciela . Another way is to destroy it, but since a lot of cards have their limit at 15000BP(like The SengokuCommander Siegfried-Kai ) , the 16000BP Dinobrizer will still be unharmed by a lot of spirits.

This spirit has a really unique effect which can be repeatedly used, as long as you have the pre-advent cards on it, and it's first effect is also useful in both attack and defence. It's 16000 BP, though somewhat low, put's it out of range of many board nukes.

It's really easy to bounce and deplete, and it requires quite a bit of setup. The Former can be fixed with cards like Illusion Demon-God , but that would make the setup harder since you do need a lot of Terra Dragon spirits to activate Dinobrizer's Dominance.

Artwork and aesthetics:
The artwork clearly symbolises some sort of Dinosaur King, which brings out the intensity that the card can bring. The name of the second effect, "Consecutive Dominance", can also be related here, since the image projects some sort of power and it's that kind of power which let's it continuously dominate.

Overall rating:
This card will get a 6-7, since it requires specific setup and the right cards, but the effect is too unique and the deck is still certainly viable.


Modified on June 4, 2018 04:28 am

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