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Checklist of cards from Duel Terminal - Demon Roar God Revival!! (Japanese) (YuGiOh!)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
DT04-JP026 Acolyte of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-JP030 Ally of Justice Reverse Break Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-JP031 Ally of Justice Unlimiter Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-JP025 Army Genex Monster / Effect DSPR
DT04-JP042 Axe of Despair Spell/Magic Card / Equip DNPR
DT04-JP046 Big Evolution Pill Spell/Magic Card DNPR
DT04-JP007 Card Trooper Monster / Effect DSPR
DT04-JP006 Dark Necrofear Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-JP049 Destruction Punch Trap Card DNPR
DT04-JP028 Falcon of Mist Valley Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-JP027 Feng Shui Master of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect / Tuner DNPR
DT04-JP013 Fiend Roar Deity Galbas Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-JP012 Fiend Roar Deity Grimlo Monster / Effect DSPR
DT04-JP014 Fiend Roar Deity Kushano Monster / Effect / Tuner DNPR
DT04-JP011 Fiend Roar Deity Luri Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-JP036 Fiend Roar Deity Valkiris Monster / Effect / Synchro Ultra Rare
DT04-JP023 Genex Blast Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-JP010 Goblin Zombie Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-JP043 Hammer Shot Spell/Magic Card DNPR
DT04-JP003 Hyper Synchron Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-JP008 Infernal Dragon Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-JP048 Ivy Shackles Trap Card / Continuous DNPR
DT04-JP037 Jurak Giganot Monster / Effect / Synchro DUPR
DT04-JP017 Jurak Monolov Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-JP015 Jurak Protapus Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-JP018 Jurak Tyranus Monster / Effect DSPR
DT04-JP016 Jurak Vello Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-JP044 Magical Mallet Spell/Magic Card DNPR
DT04-JP041 Mark of the Rose Spell/Magic Card / Equip DRPR
DT04-JP029 Mist Valley Bird of Prey Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-JP001 Montage Dragon Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-JP002 Morphtronic Boomboxen Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-JP045 Mystic Box Spell/Magic Card DNPR
DT04-JP019 Naturia Antjaw Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-JP022 Naturia Cosmos Beet Monster / Effect / Tuner DNPR
DT04-JP038 Naturia Gaodrake Monster / Synchro DSPR
DT04-JP021 Naturia Rosewhip Monster / Tuner DRPR
DT04-JP020 Naturia Spiderfang Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-JP005 Panther Warrior Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-JP047 Prideful Roar Trap Card DNPR
DT04-JP024 Recycle Genex Monster / Effect / Tuner DNPR
DT04-JP040 Thunder Lord of Mist Valley Monster / Effect / Synchro DUPR
DT04-JP050 Trap Hole Trap Card DNPR
DT04-JP004 Twilight Rose Knight Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-JP009 Ultimate Tyranno Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-JP039 Wind Farm Genex Monster / Effect / Synchro DUPR
DT04-JP032 Worm Opera Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-JP033 Worm Prince Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-JP034 Worm Queen Monster / Effect DSPR
DT04-JP035 Worm Requie Monster / Effect DNPR