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Checklist of cards from Ex Trainer Kit (2006) (Pokemon)
in collection
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
blue-1 Arcanine Fire Common
red-1 Beldum Psychic Common
blue-8 Celio's Network Trainer Common
blue-2 Charmander Fire Common
blue-3 Charmeleon Fire Common
red-2 Electrike Lightning Common
blue-9 Energy Search (Minun) Trainer Common
red-8 Energy Search (Plusle) Trainer Common
blue-11 Fire Energy Basic Energy Common
blue-4 Growlithe Fire Common
red-3 Grumpig Psychic Common
blue-12 Lightning Energy (Minun) Basic Energy Common
red-11 Lightning Energy (Plusle) Basic Energy Common
blue-5 Mareep Lightning Common
red-4 Meowth Colorless Common
red-5 Metang Psychic Common
blue-6 Minun Lightning Common
red-6 Plusle Lightning Common
blue-10 Potion (Minun) Trainer Common
red-9 Potion (Plusle) Trainer Common
red-10 Professor Cozmo's Discovery Trainer Common
red-12 Psychic Energy Basic Energy Common
red-7 Spoink Psychic Common
blue-7 Vulpix Fire Common