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Checklist of cards from Rewrite Trial Deck (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
RW-W15-T05 "Chihaya's Butler" Sakuya / “ちはやの執事”咲夜 Character TD
RW-W15-104 "Happy Dessert Time" Lucia / “至福のデザートタイム”ルチア Character TD
RW-W15-102 "Height Comparing" Shizuru / “背比べ”静流 Character TD
RW-W15-102SP "Height Comparing" Shizuru / “背比べ”静流 Character SP
RW-W15-T03 "Kazako's Outlaw" Yoshino / “カザコーのアウトロー”吉野 Character TD
RW-W15-T02 "Speed Fight!" Kotarou / “スピード勝負!”瑚太朗 Character TD
RW-W15-T07 Akane, Casual Clothing / 私服の朱音 Character TD
RW-W15-T04 Akane, Uniform / 制服の朱音 Character TD
RW-W15-T09 Chihaya, Casual Clothing / 私服のちはや Character TD
RW-W15-T06 Chihaya, Uniform / 制服のちはや Character TD
RW-W15-105 Everyone's Gardening / みんなでガーデニング Climax TD
RW-W15-103 Kotarou Tennouji / 天王寺 瑚太朗 Character TD
RW-W15-T08 Kotori, Casual Clothing / 私服の小鳥 Character TD
RW-W15-101 Kotori, Resting in the Tree Shades / 木陰で憩う小鳥 Character TD
RW-W15-101SP Kotori, Resting in the Tree Shades / 木陰で憩う小鳥 Character SP
RW-W15-T01 Kotori, Uniform / 制服の小鳥 Character TD
RW-W15-T16 Lost Memories / 失くした記憶 Climax TD
RW-W15-T11 Lost Transfer Student / 迷子の転校生 Climax TD
RW-W15-T15 Lucia, Casual Clothing / 私服のルチア Character TD
RW-W15-T13 Lucia, Uniform / 制服のルチア Character TD
RW-W15-T14 Shizuru, Casual Clothing / 私服の静流 Character TD
RW-W15-T12 Shizuru, Uniform / 制服の静流 Character TD
RW-W15-T10 Witch of the Academy / 学園の魔女 Event TD