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Checklist of cards from Nisekoi Booster Pack (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
NK-W30-049 "Closed Quarters" Climax CC
NK-W30-074 Adlib Climax CC
NK-W30-075 Beloved Juliet Climax CC
NK-W30-101 Chibi Chitoge / ちび千棘 Character PR
NK-W30-105 Chibi Kosaki / ちび小咲 Character PR
NK-W30-104 Chibi Marika / ちび万里花 Character PR
NK-W30-102 Chibi Raku / ちび楽 Character PR
NK-W30-106 Chibi Ruri / ちびるり Character PR
NK-W30-103 Chibi Seishiro / ちび誠士郎 Character PR
NK-W30-068 Chitoge as a Ghost Character C
NK-W30-055 Chitoge as Juliet Character R
NK-W30-055S Chitoge as Juliet Character SR
NK-W30-009 Chitoge in Yukata Character U
NK-W30-007 Chitoge Out of the Bath Character R
NK-W30-007S Chitoge Out of the Bath Character SR
NK-W30-014 Chitoge, Childhood Character C
NK-W30-051 Chitoge, Deep Friendship Character RR
NK-W30-051R Chitoge, Deep Friendship Character RRR
NK-W30-017 Chitoge, First Date Character C
NK-W30-058 Chitoge, First Love Character U
NK-W30-069 Chitoge, Incomprehensible Character C
NK-W30-020 Chitoge, Lovers!? Character C
NK-W30-P02 Chitoge, Lovey-Dovey Couple!? / ラブラブカップル!? 千棘 Character PR
NK-W30-002 Chitoge, Maiden's Heart Character RR
NK-W30-002SP Chitoge, Maiden's Heart Character SP
NK-W30-003 Chitoge, Not Good at Romance Character R
NK-W30-P01 Chitoge, Summer Colors / ナツイロ 千棘 Character PR
NK-W30-053 Chitoge, Surprising Side Character R
NK-W30-011 Chitoge, Swimsuit Character U
NK-W30-012 Chitoge, Ties with You Character U
NK-W30-P04 Chitoge, To the Highest Stage / 最高のステージへ 千棘 Character PR
NK-W30-016 Chitoge, Transfer Student Character C
NK-W30-005 Chitoge, Weekend Date Character R
NK-W30-060 Chitoge, Words of Promise Character U
NK-W30-021 Claude Character C
NK-W30-023 Diary Climax CR
NK-W30-100 Exchanged Promises Climax CC
NK-W30-024 Fake Love Climax CC
NK-W30-073 Feelings for the Last 10 Years Climax CR
NK-W30-072 For Your Sake… Event U
NK-W30-025 Hair Ornament Climax CC
NK-W30-018 Heroine in Love Character C
NK-W30-048 Huge Back Climax CR
NK-W30-098 I told…… a lie…… Climax CR
NK-W30-092 Kosaki in Denial Character C
NK-W30-027 Kosaki, After School Date Character RR
NK-W30-027R Kosaki, After School Date Character RRR
NK-W30-P03 Kosaki, Along with Raku!? / 楽と一緒!? 小咲 Character PR
NK-W30-081 Kosaki, Angel in White Character R
NK-W30-081S Kosaki, Angel in White Character SR
NK-W30-091 Kosaki, At the Secret Place Character C
NK-W30-031 Kosaki, Brillant Smile Character R
NK-W30-033 Kosaki, Draw of the Shop Character U
NK-W30-088 Kosaki, Fake Love!? / ニセモノの恋!? 小咲 Character U
NK-W30-035 Kosaki, Fateful Lottery Character U
NK-W30-080 Kosaki, First Visit Character R
NK-W30-089 Kosaki, Gentle Profile Character C
NK-W30-043 Kosaki, Gentle Smile Character C
NK-W30-087 Kosaki, Head Tilt Character U
NK-W30-076 Kosaki, Maiden's Heart Character RR
NK-W30-076SP Kosaki, Maiden's Heart Character SP
NK-W30-095 Kosaki, Modest Personality Character C
NK-W30-045 Kosaki, Overwhelming Feelings Character C
NK-W30-030 Kosaki, Swimsuit Character R
NK-W30-030S Kosaki, Swimsuit Character SR
NK-W30-086 Kosaki, Their Progress Character U
NK-W30-P05 Kosaki, to the Highest Stage / 最高のステージへ 小咲 Character PR
NK-W30-040 Kosaki, Yukata Character C
NK-W30-096 Marika Tachibana Character C
NK-W30-056 Marika's Ordeal Character R
NK-W30-056S Marika's Ordeal Character SR
NK-W30-054 Marika, Aggressive Girl Character R
NK-W30-059 Marika, Head Tilt Character U
NK-W30-079 Marika, Infatuation Character R
NK-W30-065 Marika, Long-awaited Reunion Character C
NK-W30-052 Marika, Maiden's Heart Character RR
NK-W30-052SP Marika, Maiden's Heart Character SP
NK-W30-085 Marika, Mischievous Kiss Character U
NK-W30-077 Marika, Non-stop Attacks Character RR
NK-W30-077R Marika, Non-stop Attacks Character RRR
NK-W30-057 Marika, Police Commissioner's Daughter Character R
NK-W30-062 Marika, Promise of a Date Character U
NK-W30-070 Marika, Raku's Fiancee Character C
NK-W30-064 Marika, Spoiled Child Character C
NK-W30-061 Marika, Sweet Princess Character U
NK-W30-078 Marika, Swimsuit Character R
NK-W30-078S Marika, Swimsuit Character SR
NK-W30-067 Marika, Transfer Student Character C
NK-W30-063 Marika, Yukata Character C
NK-W30-047 Poker Face!? Event U
NK-W30-099 Promise from Long Ago Climax CC
NK-W30-022 Promised Pendant Event U
NK-W30-046 Promised Pendant Event U
NK-W30-071 Promised Pendant Event U
NK-W30-097 Promised Pendant Event U
NK-W30-008 Raku Ichijo Character U
NK-W30-066 Raku, Fake Lovers Character C
NK-W30-093 Raku, Love Triangle? Character C
NK-W30-042 Raku, Thoughtfulness / 優しい心遣い 楽 Character C
NK-W30-084 Raku, Two of a Kind Character U
NK-W30-013 Raku, Wonderful Darling!? Character U
NK-W30-082 Ruri, Girl in Glasses Character R
NK-W30-082R Ruri, Girl in Glasses Character RRR
NK-W30-083 Ruri, Kosaki's Close Friend / 小咲の親友 るり Character U
NK-W30-094 Ruri, Swimsuits Character C
NK-W30-038 Seishiro Cannot be Honest with Herself Character C
NK-W30-019 Seishiro Tsugumi Character C
NK-W30-015 Seishiro, Change of Heart Character C
NK-W30-039 Seishiro, Childhood Character C
NK-W30-036 Seishiro, Crack Hit-man Character U
NK-W30-001 Seishiro, First Feelings Character RR
NK-W30-001R Seishiro, First Feelings / はじめての気持ち 誠士郎 Character RRR
NK-W30-029 Seishiro, Girl's Uniform Character R
NK-W30-029S Seishiro, Girl's Uniform Character SR
NK-W30-004 Seishiro, Great Disguise!? Character R
NK-W30-004S Seishiro, Great Disguise!? Character SR
NK-W30-010 Seishiro, Heart Beating Faster Character U
NK-W30-028 Seishiro, Learning About Love Character R
NK-W30-032 Seishiro, Love Story Character R
NK-W30-044 Seishiro, Shocking Truth Character C
NK-W30-006 Seishiro, Swimsuit Character R
NK-W30-034 Seishiro, Transfer Student Character U
NK-W30-037 Seishiro, Troubled by Love Character U
NK-W30-041 Seishiro, Yukata Character C
NK-W30-026 Seishirou, Maiden's Heart Character RR
NK-W30-026SP Seishirou, Maiden's Heart Character SP
NK-W30-090 Shuu, Moodmaker Character C
NK-W30-002E The One, Chitoge Character RR
NK-W30-002ESP The One, Chitoge Character SP
NK-W30-076E The One, Kosaki Character RR
NK-W30-076ESP The One, Kosaki Character SP
NK-W30-052E The One, Marika Character RR
NK-W30-052ESP The One, Marika Character SP
NK-W30-026E The One, Seishiro Character RR
NK-W30-026ESP The One, Seishiro Character SP
NK-W30-050 Your Only Juliet Climax CC