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Checklist of cards from Pharaonic Guardian (YuGiOh!)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
PGD-024 8-Claws Scorpion Monster / Effect Common
PGD-070 A Cat of Ill Omen Monster / Effect Common
PGD-068 A Man with Wdjat Monster / Effect Common
PGD-073 An Owl of Luck Monster / Effect Common
PGD-007 Arsenal Bug Monster / Effect Common
PGD-089 Banner of Courage Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
PGD-095 Barrel Behind the Door Trap Card / Counter Super Rare
PGD-005 Birdface Monster / Effect Common
PGD-033 Book of Life Spell/Magic Card Super Rare
PGD-035 Book of Moon Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Rare
PGD-034 Book of Taiyou Spell/Magic Card SP
PGD-043 Bottomless Shifting Sand Trap Card / Continuous Common
PGD-085 Buster Rancher Spell/Magic Card / Equip Common
PGD-103 Byser Shock Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
PGD-038 Call of the Mummy Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
PGD-080 Card Shuffle Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
PGD-074 Charm of Shabti Monster / Effect Common
PGD-075 Cobra Jar Monster / Effect Common
PGD-032 Cobraman Sakuzy Monster / Effect Common
PGD-093 Coffin Seller Trap Card / Continuous Rare
PGD-094 Curse of Aging Trap Card Common
PGD-044 Curse of Royal Trap Card / Counter Rare
PGD-102 D. Tribe Trap Card Common
PGD-047 Dark Coffin Trap Card SP
PGD-079 Dark Designator Spell/Magic Card Rare
PGD-017 Dark Dust Spirit Monster / Spirit SP
PGD-056 Dark Jeroid Monster / Effect Rare
PGD-082 Dark Room of Nightmare Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Super Rare
PGD-028 Dark Scorpion Burglars Monster / Effect SP
PGD-087 Dark Snake Syndrome Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
PGD-030 Des Lacooda Monster / Effect Common
PGD-027 Dice Jar Monster / Effect SP
PGD-083 Different Dimension Capsule Spell/Magic Card Common
PGD-098 Disturbance Strategy Trap Card Common
PGD-029 Don Zaloog Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
PGD-031 Fushioh Richie Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
PGD-023 Giant Axe Mummy Monster / Effect Common
PGD-014 Gora Turtle Monster / Effect Rare
PGD-067 Gravekeeper's Assailant Monster / Effect Common
PGD-066 Gravekeeper's Cannonholder Monster / Effect SP
PGD-065 Gravekeeper's Chief Monster / Effect Super Rare
PGD-060 Gravekeeper's Curse Monster / Effect Common
PGD-061 Gravekeeper's Guard Monster / Effect Common
PGD-062 Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier Monster / Effect SP
PGD-059 Gravekeeper's Spy Monster / Effect SP
PGD-063 Gravekeeper's Vassal Monster / Effect Common
PGD-064 Gravekeeper's Watcher Monster / Effect Rare
PGD-020 Great Dezard Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
PGD-025 Guardian Sphinx Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
PGD-058 Helpoemer Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
PGD-086 Hieroglyph Lithograph Spell/Magic Card Common
PGD-055 Inpachi Monster Common
PGD-009 Jowls of Dark Demise Monster / Effect Rare
PGD-054 Kabazauls Monster Common
PGD-004 King Tiger Wanghu Monster / Effect Rare
PGD-006 Kryuel Monster / Effect Common
PGD-107 Lava Golem Monster / Effect Secret Rare
PGD-008 Maiden of the Aqua Monster / Effect SP
PGD-053 Master Kyonshee Monster Common
PGD-090 Metamorphosis Spell/Magic Card Common
PGD-036 Mirage of Nightmare Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Super Rare
PGD-013 Moisture Creature Monster / Effect Rare
PGD-001 Molten Behemoth Monster Common
PGD-011 Mucus Yolk Monster / Effect SP
PGD-069 Mystical Knight of Jackal Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
PGD-097 Narrow Pass Trap Card / Continuous Common
PGD-084 Necrovalley Spell/Magic Card / Field Super Rare
PGD-045 Needle Ceiling Trap Card Common
PGD-048 Needle Wall Trap Card / Continuous Common
PGD-057 Newdoria Monster / Effect Rare
PGD-077 Nightmare Horse Monster / Effect Common
PGD-106 Nightmare Wheel Trap Card / Continuous Ultra Rare
PGD-101 Non Aggression Area Trap Card Common
PGD-042 Ordeal of a Traveler Trap Card / Continuous SP
PGD-052 Pharaoh's Treasure Trap Card Rare
PGD-016 Poison Mummy Monster / Effect Common
PGD-040 Pyramid Energy Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Common
PGD-026 Pyramid Turtle Monster / Effect Rare
PGD-050 Pyro Clock of Destiny Trap Card Common
PGD-104 Question Spell/Magic Card Ultra Rare
PGD-096 Raigeki Break Trap Card SP
PGD-078 Reaper on the Nightmare Monster / Effect / Fusion Super Rare
PGD-081 Reasoning Spell/Magic Card Common
PGD-051 Reckless Greed Trap Card Rare
PGD-092 Reversal Quiz Spell/Magic Card SP
PGD-000 Ring of Destruction Trap Card Secret Rare
PGD-100 Rite of Spirit Trap Card Common
PGD-105 Rope of Life Trap Card Ultra Rare
PGD-018 Royal Keeper Monster / Effect Common
PGD-091 Royal Tribute Spell/Magic Card Common
PGD-015 Sasuke Samurai Monster / Effect Super Rare
PGD-037 Secret Pass to the Treasures Spell/Magic Card Common
PGD-012 Servant of Catabolism Monster / Effect Common
PGD-002 Shapesnatch Monster Common
PGD-003 Souleater Monster Common
PGD-076 Spirit Reaper Monster / Effect Rare
PGD-046 Statue of the Wicked Trap Card Super Rare
PGD-022 Swarm of Locusts Monster / Effect Common
PGD-021 Swarm of Scarabs Monster / Effect Common
PGD-088 Terraforming Spell/Magic Card SP
PGD-010 Timeater Monster / Effect Common
PGD-039 Timidity Spell/Magic Card Common
PGD-049 Trap Dustshoot Trap Card Common
PGD-099 Trap of Board Eraser Trap Card / Counter Super Rare
PGD-041 Tutan Mask Trap Card / Counter Common
PGD-019 Wandering Mummy Monster / Effect Rare
PGD-072 Winged Sage Falcos Monster / Effect Rare
PGD-071 Yomi Ship Monster / Effect Common