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Checklist of cards from BS37 (Battle Spirits TCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
72 Bear Demon-God Brave Rare
24 Chat Runner Spirit Common
1 Civet Drone Spirit Common
13 Crusader Dragon Spirit Common
20 Crusader Generous Spirit Common
36 Cynognathus Spirit Common
77 Elephant Demon-God Brave Rare
67 Elephant-Gear Spirit Common
37 Epigaulus Spirit Common
73 Evil Dragon Demon-God Brave Rare
57 Frankenman Spirit/Soul Burst Common
47 Glorious-Sheep -Android Mode- Spirit Rare
75 Headbutt Demon-God Brave Rare
27 Hyllus Beetle Spirit Rare
74 Kabuto Demon-God Brave Rare
14 Mist Bat Spirit Common
19 Mist Wyvern Spirit Common
76 Monkey Demon-God Brave Rare
49 Racing Pentan Spirit Common
26 Roadrunner Spirit Common
64 Slothing Spirit Common
4 Spinos Legger Spirit Common
CP-02 The AccelHero Gale-Green Spirit Promo X
CP-01 The AccelHero Revol-Red Spirit Promo X
CP-03 The AccelHero Yellow-Merlin Spirit Promo X
x03 The AccelTenthBird Air Eraser Spirit X Rare
33 The AzureHornetEmperor Cuckoo-A Spirit Master Rare
6 The Azurethunderbolt Keravnos Spirit Common
7 The BeamBeast Laser-Leon Spirit Common
15 The BeautifulOgre Ara Spirit Common
28 The Beeman Cuckoo-B Spirit Common
25 The Beeman Haraaka-B Spirit Common
70 The BirdGiant Jatayu Spirit Common
9 The BlackNinthBeast BloodySaber Spirit/Soul Burst Rare
40 The CleverMachineMusha E-Naomasa Spirit Common
21 The CrossRiderDragon Crusades Spirit Common
x04 The DinosaurEighthArtifact Turborex Spirit X Rare
43 The DinosaurMachine Brachiox Spirit Common
45 The DinosaurMachine Tricera-Vehicle Spirit Rare
68 The Eighth's StrangeBeast Black Pantherzan Spirit Rare
31 The EighthKnight Redtail Knight Spirit Common
17 The Fifth's FourDragonHorsemen Black Rider Spirit Master Rare
51 The Fifth's WaterMonkey Susena Spirit Common
59 The First's MonkeyKing Sugriva Spirit Rare
3 The FirstArmoredBeast Cannon-Puma Spirit Common
22 The FlyingFirstArmoredDragon Steelhorn Dragon Spirit Common
44 The Fourth's DinosaurMachine Deinonych-Walker Spirit Rare
32 The FourthKnight Heavyquick Spirit/Soul Burst Rare
52 The Fruitsel Blueblueberry Spirit Common
58 The Fruitsel Papaiyan Spirit Common
65 The GiantPrince Bharata Spirit Common
60 The GiantPrince Lakshmana Spirit Common
69 The GiantPrince Rama Spirit Rare
61 The GiantPrince Satrugna Spirit Common
62 The GiantPrincess Sita Spirit Rare
46 The Gigantic Thirde-Gelm Spirit Common
56 The GourmetFairy Amandine Spirit Rare
53 The GourmetFairy Rosette Spirit Master Rare
16 The LionDeathDragonKing Richard the First Spirit Rare
x05 The MonkeyTwelveGodKing Hanumerlin Spirit X Rare
55 The MonkeyWizard Onkot Spirit Common
50 The Ninth's FireMonkey Neela Spirit Rare
5 The NinthBeast Acceledge Spirit Common
x06 The PreserverGod Vishten Spirit/Soul Burst X Rare
x08 The Purple OriginDragon Is-Baram Spirit X Rare
x07 The Red OriginDragon Amaterasu Spirit X Rare
71 The SakraGeneral Indra Spirit Master Rare
35 The SecondKnight Harpe-Gornis Spirit Common
12 The Seventh's AccelDragon Turbulence Spirit Master Rare
54 The Seventh's MonkeyPrince Angada Spirit Common
10 The SeventhBeast Golden-Accel-Tiger Spirit Common
41 The SixArtifact Sheperdoll Spirit Common
x02 The SixHellsSorcerer Shamiram Spirit X Rare
63 The Sixth's RoaringBeast Armor Rhider Spirit Common
42 The SixthArtifactBeastman Blockade-Tiger Spirit Rare
39 The SixthArtifactBeastman Solid-Falco Spirit Master Rare
29 The SylishNinja Burberry Hopper Spirit Master Rare
38 The TenthArtifactBeast Grosso-Teriuman Spirit Common
34 The TenthBird Migratory Alba Spirit Common
8 The ThirdBeast Blast Tiger Spirit Common
x01 The TigerTwelveGodKing Revol-Tiger Spirit X Rare
2 The TyrantDragonKing Nero-Dragdius Spirit Rare
23 The WarOgre Murciela Spirit Master Rare
18 The WarOgre Nosorog Spirit Common
48 The WhiteMonkey Salabha Spirit Common
66 Warthog Kong Spirit Common
30 Wheely-Coyote Spirit Rare
11 Yabusame-Dragon Spirit Rare