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Checklist of cards from X Booster Set 1: The Dark Lord's Rebirth (Future Card Buddyfight)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
X-BT01-0060 Add X Thunder Spell U
X-BT01-0085 All-Rounder Warrior, Tetra Monster C
X-BT01-0075 Amish Dragons Spell U
0238EN Apex of Ambush Spell Promo
X-BT01-0073 Apprentice Underling, Cheery En Monster U
X-BT01-0074 Apprentice Underling, Devil Men Monster C
X-BT01-0005 Apprentice Underling, Kon Kon Kong Monster RRR
X-BT01-0101 Apprentice Underling, Value Dai Monster C
X-BT01-0026 Arc Dragon Shield Spell R
X-BT01-0116 Arc Dragon Shield Spell Secret
X-BT01-0117 Arc Dragon Sword Item Secret
X-BT01-0027 Arc Dragon Sword Cane Item R
X-BT01-0097 Art of Item Blasting Spell C
X-BT01-0020 Balle Soleil, "Eternal Bal-Blaster!" Impact Monster RR
X-BT01-0008 Banquet for the Unrighteous Spell RRR
X-BT01-0059 Bashful Boule Monster U
X-BT01-0002 Batzz x Link Spell RRR
X-BT01-0077 Black Crystal Dragon, Shao Xin Monster U
X-BT01-0030 Blade Beast of Sixteenth Night, Crane Princess Ichimonji Monster R
X-BT01-0100 Blood Dragon, Follower Monster C
X-BT01-0070 Blood Dragon, Sylvania Monster U
X-BT01-0016 Blue Crystal Dragon, Kalvados Monster RR
X-BT01-0089 Bolting Knuckle Item C
X-BT01-0047 Brush Upper Spell R
X-BT01-0017 Candy Crystal Dragon, Galette Monster RR
X-BT01-0052 CHAOS Yamigedo Monster R
X-BT01-0115 Chibi Panda Monster Secret
X-BT01-0014 Chief of Seven Seas, Duel Jaeger "Ocean" Monster RR
X-BT01-0072 Chief of Steel, Iron Tetsu Monster U
X-BT01-0076 Childhood Carapace, A Man's Tears Item C
X-BT01-0048 Cristiano Crystal Shoot! Impact R
X-BT01-0123 Cristiano Crystal Shoot! Impact Secret
X-BT01-0122 Crystal Spike Item Secret
X-BT01-0039 Dark Arms, Soaring Blade Item R
X-BT01-0038 Dark Arms, Steel-slicing Strings Item R
X-BT01-0013 Dark Skill, Eerie Wailings Impact RR
X-BT01-0111 Dead Copy Spell C
X-BT01-0114 Demon Lord Dragon, Batzz Monster Secret
X-BT01-BR01 Demon Lord Dragon, Batzz Monster BR
X-BT01-S001 Demon Lord Dragon, Batzz Monster SP
X-BT01-0098 Demon Way, Oborogenbu Spell C
X-BT01-0124 Demonic Dragon Deity of the Black Sun, Gaen Monster Secret
X-BT01-BR03 Demonic Dragon Deity of the Black Sun, Gaen Monster BR
X-BT01-0023 Double Circle of Shock Monster R
X-BT01-0128 Dragon Drei Flag Secret
X-BT01-S006 Dragon Drei Flag SP
X-BT01-0055 Dragon Knight, Gilnter Monster R
X-BT01-0045 Dragonarms, M4Y-D1 Monster R
X-BT01-0103 Dragonic Deluge Spell C
X-BT01-0102 Dragonic Determination Spell C
X-BT01-0062 Dual Spark Item C
X-BT01-0092 Dusk Fiend, Yagyo Monster C
X-BT01-0112 Emerald Spikes Item C
X-BT01-0018 Enhancement Spell RR
X-BT01-0042 Erudite Dragon Emperor, Philosophia Monster R
X-BT01-0009 Espada Dragons Officer, Tyrakk Monster RR
X-BT01-0022 Explosive Sun Dragon, Bal Dragon Monster R
X-BT01-0049 Fairy Dragon Emperor, Felistas Monster R
X-BT01-0032 Fiend of a Hundred Flogs, Rashomon Monster R
X-BT01-0033 Fiend of Ailments, Affliction Oni Monster R
X-BT01-0033X Fiend of Ailments, Affliction Oni Monster R
X-BT01-0035 Fiend of Gaze, Ayo Monster R
X-BT01-0056 Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Thunder Blade Kokuyo Monster U
X-BT01-0021 Flame Dragon Officer, Freyhein Monster R
X-BT01-0110 Fragment Reload Spell C
X-BT01-0104 Golden Dragon Iron Wall Spell C
X-BT01-0006 Green Crystal Dragon, Sheldre Monster RRR
X-BT01-0083 Gunrod, Hammerschmidt Type-CLA Item U
X-BT01-0094 Half-Fiend, Kid Yase Monster C
X-BT01-0011 Heavenz Sunshine Spell RR
X-BT01-0012 Hiding Oni Spell RR
X-BT01-0105 Hot-blooded Headgear Item C
X-BT01-0037 House of Assassins, Oni Convoy Spell R
X-BT01-0040 Incineration Chief, Excited Homura Monster R
X-BT01-0061 Irregular Attack Spell U
X-BT01-0053 King the Dominator "End Game" Impact Monster R
X-BT01-0036 Lesser Fiend, Amanojaku Monster R
X-BT01-0066 Lesser Fiend, Yama Oni Monster C
X-BT01-0057 Mera Exhaust Dragon Monster U
X-BT01-0050 Metal Dragoner, Gear Drake Monster R
X-BT01-0050R Metal Dragoner, Gear Drake Monster R
X-BT01-0031 Middle-class Ninja, Hangetsumaru Monster R
X-BT01-0096 Midnight Bodyguard Spell C
X-BT01-0088 Military Tactics, "Two-Stage Plan" Spell C
X-BT01-0107 Minute Crystal Dragon, Ceicul Monster C
X-BT01-0001 Misfiring Demon, Globes Monster RRR
X-BT01-0081 Mystery Setting Spell U
X-BT01-0034 Nanomachine Ninja, Zangetsu Monster R
X-BT01-0003 Oni Boss, Kid Ibuki Monster SP
X-BT01-S002 Oni Boss, Kid Ibuki Monster RRR
X-BT01-0068 Optics Operation, Shrouded Strawcoat Spell U
X-BT01-0063 Pale Yellow Fiend, Kid Hoshiguma Monster U
X-BT01-0113 Pawn the Promotion Monster C
X-BT01-0041 Phantasmal Fox Chief, Lonely Shu Monster R
X-BT01-0108 Pink Crystal Dragon, Rose Monster C
X-BT01-0065 Premature Passing, Bibikawazu Monster U
PR-0360 Prism Coating Spell P
X-BT01-0007 Prism Eye Spell RRR
X-BT01-0119 Quintessence Crystal Dragon, Athora Monster Secret
X-BT01-BR02 Quintessence Crystal Dragon, Athora Monster BR
X-BT01-S004 Quintessence Crystal Dragon, Athora Monster SP
X-BT01-0046 Radian Shell Spell R
X-BT01-0121 Radian Shell Spell Secret
X-BT01-0086 Raid Officer, Delta Monster C
X-BT01-0079 Red Crystal Dragon, Almarone Monster U
X-BT01-0043 Red Crystal Dragon, Campary Monster C
X-BT01-0080 Red Crystal Dragon, Gamein Monster U
X-BT01-0093 Red Fiend, Kid Kaneguma Monster C
X-BT01-0064 Red Lady Oni, Kureha Monster U
X-BT01-0024 Replenisher, Pentar Monster R
X-BT01-0126 Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Devil Orb Dragon Monster Secret
X-BT01-0127 Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Walm Monster Secret
X-BT01-0054 Rhombus the Bravebow Monster U
X-BT01-0058 Scimitar Wielder, Krvar Monster U
X-BT01-0099 Scuffle Chief, Grappler Gan Monster C
X-BT01-0004 Searing Surging Chief, Duel Jaeger "Dynamite" Monster RRR
X-BT01-S003 Searing Surging Chief, Duel Jaeger "Dynamite" Monster SP
X-BT01-0069 Shinobi Scrolls Spell U
X-BT01-0106 Shiny Crystal Dragon, Vermolt Monster C
X-BT01-0082 Soul Generator Spell U
X-BT01-S005 Star Dragon World Flag SP
X-BT01-0084 Steel Ball Wielder, Holgan Monster C
X-BT01-0015 Stout Wrist's Headgear Item RR
X-BT01-0087 Straight Sword Wielder, Rekt Monster C
X-BT01-0078 Stronger Lowe: 07 Monster U
X-BT01-0029 Sturdy Oni, A Lad from Kibi Monster R
X-BT01-0051 Sun Deity's Choice Spell R
X-BT01-0025 Tactician, Krone Monster R
X-BT01-0071 Tenacious Chief, Smasher Gekt Monster U
X-BT01-0125 Terminus Dragon Emperor, Endervelt Monster Secret
X-BT01-0010 Thunder Knights Vice Captain, Goldion Halberd Monster RR
X-BT01-0028EN Thunder Lance x Tempest Buster! Impact R
X-BT01-0118 Thunder Lance x Tempest Buster! Impact Secret
X-BT01-0090 Thunder Wave X Tempest Explosion! Impact C
X-BT01-0019 Trilight of the Black Sword Monster RR
X-BT01-0067 Under the Table Spell U
X-BT01-0095 Underhanded Means, Sneak Attack Spell C
X-BT01-0109 White Crystal Dragon, Colombal Monster C
X-BT01-0044 White Crystal Dragon, Furmint Monster R
X-BT01-0120 White Crystal Dragon, Rizzling Monster Secret
X-BT01-0091 White Fiend, Kid Toraguma Monster C