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Checklist of cards from Trial Deck Vol. 4: Reaper's Gift (DragoBorne - Rise to Supremacy)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
DB-TD04-018 Bewitching Stonegazer Creature C
DB-TD04-020 Curse of Niflheim Banner U
DB-TD04-016 Cursed-eye Gargoyle Creature R
DB-TD04-017 Fender Bender Creature U
DB-TD04-011 Fervent Battlesmith Creature U
DB-TD04-010 Gearmagnus Sabateur Creature R
DB-TD04-009 Hilda of the Gearmagnus Creature R
DB-TD04-008 Insignia of Olous Banner R
DB-TD04-015 Kazzakh, the Hellbent Creature RR
DB-TD04-019 Merciless Punisher Creature C
DB-TD04-007 Sabotage Spell U
DB-TD04-012 Skiving Troop Creature C
DB-TD04-014 Standard of Tauris Banner R
DB-TD04-006 Supreme Ambition Spell U
DB-TD04-004 The Gardener Creature C
DB-TD04-002 The Servitor Creature U
DB-TD04-005 Tidechaser Grunt Creature C
DB-TD04-003 Tidechaser Rogue Creature C
DB-TD04-013 Titanic Force Spell C
DB-TD04-001 ´╗┐Knightbane Manticore Creature C