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Checklist of cards from SD45 (Battle Spirits TCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 Agumon (2) Spirit Common
SD06-016 Burst Wall Magic/Burst Uncommon
13 Evolution Draw Spell Common
14 Evolution Shoot Spell Common
7 Gabumon (2) Spirit Common
8 Garurumon (2) Spirit Rare
2 Greymon (2) Spirit Common
CP02 HerculesKabuterimon Spirit Promo
4 Leomon (2) Spirit/Burst Rare
CP05 Magnadramon Spirit Promo
10 MetalGarurumon (2) Spirit Master Rare
3 MetalGreymon (2) Spirit Common
6 Omnimon (2) Spirit Master Rare
X01 Omnimon Merciful Mode Spirit X Rare
CP01 Phoenixmon Spirit Promo
CP03 Rosemon Spirit Promo
CP04 Seraphimon Spirit Promo
11 The Crest of Courage Nexus Common
12 The Crest of Friendship Nexus Common
CP06 Vikemon Spirit Promo
5 WarGreymon (2) Spirit Common
9 WereGarurumon (2) Spirit Rare