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Deck "Linkdragons Stand Together!"

Deck "Linkdragons Stand Together!"
52 Cards
created by jaflare Premium Member LV23 activity icon envelope icon
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Section: Deck (50 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
4 x Bloated, Harahara S-BT01 S-BT01-0005 Monster RRR
3 x Buddy Block! Promo S-PR-020 Spell Promo
3 x Dragon Emperor Legend S-SD03 S-SD03-0011 Spell C
4 x Heavystriker, Kaina S-BT01 S-BT01-0027 Monster R
3 x Linkdragon Order Gathering S-BT01 S-BT01-0028 Spell R
3 x Linkdragon Order's Hunt S-BT01 S-BT01-0006 Spell RRR
3 x Linkdragon Order's Links S-BT01 S-BT01-0017 Spell RR
4 x Order's Axe, Wildaxe S-BT01 S-BT01-0044 Item U
4 x Quickwit, Tsumasaki S-BT01 S-BT01-0085 Monster Secret
3 x Shredder, Takatsume S-BT01 S-BT01-0015 Monster RR
3 x Spiral Thunderaxe, King Agito S-BT01 S-BT01-0084 Monster Secret
2 x Thunder Dragon Tornado S-BT01 S-BT01-0087 Impact Secret
4 x Thunderaxe, Agito S-BT01 S-BT01-0083 Monster Secret
4 x Undying Linkdragon Order S-BT01 S-BT01-0043 Spell U
3 x Wicked Tongue, Tantan Promo S-PR-018 Monster Promo
Section: Buddy and Flag (2 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Ancient World (card) S-SD03 S-SD03-0016 Flag C
1 x Thunderaxe, Agito S-BT01 S-BT01-BR03 Monster BR
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Attributes
- bar 2 %  
Defense / Buddy bar 6 %  
Dragon bar 6 %  
Linkdragon Order bar 31  60 %  
Linkdragon Order / Defense bar 8 %  
Linkdragon Order / Get bar 6 %  
Linkdragon Order / Recovery / Draw bar 6 %  
Linkdragon Order / Weapon bar 8 %  

Distribution by Card Type
Flag bar 2 %  
Impact bar 4 %  
Item bar 8 %  
Monster bar 26  50 %  
Spell bar 19  37 %  

Distribution by Critical
- bar 22  42 %  
1 bar 19  37 %  
2 bar 11  21 %  

Distribution by Defense
- bar 26  50 %  
1000 bar 14  27 %  
3000 bar 10 %  
4000 bar 8 %  
7000 bar 6 %  

Distribution by Monster Size
- bar 26  50 %  
- bar 8 %  
1 bar 19  37 %  
3 bar 6 %  

Distribution by Power
- bar 22  42 %  
1000 bar 8 %  
2000 bar 6 %  
3000 bar 15 %  
4000 bar 8 %  
6000 bar 15 %  
7000 bar 6 %  

Distribution by Rarity
BR bar 2 %  
C bar 8 %  
Promo bar 12 %  
R bar 13 %  
RR bar 12 %  
RRR bar 13 %  
Secret bar 13  25 %  
U bar 15 %  

Distribution by World
Ancient World bar 49  94 %  
Generic bar 6 %  

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bar 4.00
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Author Message
flameknight Premium Member
LV19 United States activity icon envelope icon

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October 12, 2013
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Subject: Time to speed up the sharing   Posted: September 4, 2018 06:48 pm

In terms of deck ratio your solid dude cant lie on that. You've cherry picked your D shares and stuck with the ones you've got consistently. Now in order to make it faster id say manko and taka can be dropped by 1 and kaina by 2 so u can run D.E.L. Its still one of the best ways to gain resources without set up and if u just want draw power without the life and gauge gain u cant go wrong with 4 divine dragon creation. If anything id would also suggest dropping the Linkdragon order's gauge/life gain for each D share you've got and swap that for their pay 1 gauge draw equal to that number spell(name escapes me at the moment). Mainly since you've got links to net u a flat 3 gauge and life at counter speed and their shield and harahara keep your life healthy. Another thing id suggest is swapping out manliest spirit shield either the link dragon shield to get back your size 1s from drop or if ur really using it for those times when your board is wiped then go with buddy block. For just one gauge u can either stop 3 dmge or tell rush decks with 50 billion atks to sit down. But if u want to make the shield into a sword go with link dragons oath so u can either re-stand ypur whole field or give them all a big boost for a finisher in case big agito or thunder tornado live isn't an option(or use all 3 since overkill is fun). Overall i think deck is solid but definitely think of putting in divine dragon creation or at least 4 D.E.L since they are just too good to pass up.
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