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the automatic report on possible trades

One of the most useful features of a membership on our site is the Automatic Report on Possible Trades. Every day our system checks the collections of cards of all our users and finds out if there are new cards that are among those you want. In this case it sends you a message with the list of those new users who have cards that you want. The message also indicates any cards that you have that these users want, and includes a direct link for you to contact each user through our site. You should never reply to this automatic email, but use the specific link provided to contact each of the users listed.

Premium Members have, among other benefits, the option to configure this automatic report: if you have a Premium Membership you can choose not to receive the report (if you are temporarily not interested in new trades, for example), or you can select to receive the notification only when the users who have new cards also want cards that you have (so that it's more probable you can arrange a trade with them). You may request to become a Premium Member from