Trade Cards Online help

trade binder from site's trader

A collector's trade binder is a binder where they keep and display all the cards they have for trade. They offer the binder to all those who may be interested in trading with them. On the trade binder you can browse all the cards that user offers for trade.

You see two pages of the binder at a time, and can browse through it, like you would do with a real binder by just using the links 'Next page >>' and '<< Previous page' or the page numbers at the top or bottom of the binder.

Trade Binder with Magic cards

The trade binder can be displayed in two different sizes. If your computer screen isn't large enough to display the normal view, then you can click on 'Display on a smaller size' and you will see a smaller binder where the card images are reduced.

Below each card you can see some basic information about the traded items: the number of copies, the card name and its rarity. You can hide this info by clicking on 'Hide card names' to make up for more space and so that the binder looks even more real.

For each card you can see some information by placing your mouse cursor on top of it. A small text will show you the card's name, whether it is foil, its language, and any comments the trader may have attached to it. Also, if you click on the card a larger image will display in a pop-up window.

Tip text displaying a card's name and its language

Each binder contains the cards from a give expansion set. You can change to another set by just selecting it from the drop-down list at the top. You can also change the way the cards are sorted in the binder by just selecting a different option in the corresponding drop-down list.

To go back to the normal listings of that user's collection and haves, just click on the game name at the top of the binder.