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From you can edit and maintain the list of the cards that you keep in your own collection (or that you use to play) and those that you offer for trading. The cards are shown from a specific game, which you have previously selected from the list of those we provide at the site. You can change the game whose cards you display by clicking on the [change] link appearing next to the game name.

Other ways to display your lists

At the top of the page you have three other ways to display your lists.

You can open your checklists and your collector or trade binders from this form

Modifying the cards you have

You can add new cards to the list using either the Card Search form that you find at the bottom of the page, or uploading a list in a text file.

The Card Search form lets you find the specific cards you intend to add to your list. You select the search parameters that the cards you want to add satisfy: the set they belong to, their rarity or type, or the name or text on the card, and press the 'search for cards to add' button. This way you will get a list of the cards that meet all these conditions, and you will be able to choose from that list the cards to add.
If you have your lists of cards already reflected in a file, you can add those cards to your lists in one go by giving the file a specific format and uploading it. You have this option at the bottom of your list and you can read the details here.

You can also make changes to the list of cards altering its parameters, like the number of copies of the card that you have in your collection and offered for trade, the language they are in, whether they are foil or not, or the comment you want to include for each card. To modify the language of the cards you should click on the language name; a small pop-up window will open where you can select a new language, which will get reflected in the list. After making any changes you must press the 'update' button so they get recorded correctly.

Filtering the list

You can search the cards you have by filtering the list displayed using any of multiple parameters. To do this you need to click on the header of the list in order to display the search form. After selecting in this form any values you want the cards to have, just click on the "filter your lists" button to display only those cards that meet your requirements.

Changing the information displayed

The amount of information displayed about each card can be altered using the link 'show more(fewer) fields', which lets you show or hide several data items about each card: the set it belongs to and its number in it, and the rarity and type of the card in the game. When the expansion set name is shown it may be shortened, and in this case you will find a list of the abbreviations used at the bottom of the page.
cards in detail You also have a second link ("Show details of the cards") that lets you see all the details about each card, including image and game text if available.

Sorting the list

You can also change the order in which the cards are listed, simply by clicking on the header of any of the columns. For example, to sort the list by amount, just click on the word 'amount' at the top of the list. To reverse the order you only need to click again on the same header.

Working with long lists

When there are many cards, the list will appear paged and you will be able to move along the pages by clicking on the page numbers that will show at the beginning and end of the list on each page. You can choose how many cards get displayed on each page: either 50, 100 or 200. Just select the number from the drop-down list at the top of the page.

Printing the list

Finally, you also have the option to print the list that you are seeing so that you can take it with you wherever you go. To print the list use the 'print' link you'll find on the upper right corner. A new browser window will open with a printable version of the current list that will get printed automatically (unless you reject it).