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Friendship Points

Friendship points are a kind of Merit points that you get from your friends. Each month you get 10% of all the Merit Points earned by your affiliates. Affiliates, or friends, are those users who gave your user name as referrer when they registered on the site.

The points you get this way count towards your Experience Level, but they are also special and are counted separately as Friendship points. You can redeem Friendship points for Premium membership. For each 250 Friendship points you earn you will get one month of Premium membership. No need to pay!

When you accumulate 250 points or more you can simply go to and request to redeem them for 1 month of Premium membership, instead of paying for it. It's that easy! So, keep about it and watch as your Friendship points accumulate and grow!

Now you can also earn Friendship Points by helping maintain our card database. You get 5 Friendship Points for each correction you submit to any mistake in our cards.