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Filling in you will get your free membership in Trade Cards Online, which will help you find the cards you need. You will have your own web page where all your colleagues and friends will be able to see the cards you have and you want, so they can offer you trades. And you will also have access to lots of other services.

The data you need to fill in are the following:

Once you register, you can start using our site immediately, but you still need to complete an extra step to confirm your email address. This is necessary for us to verify that the person who registers on our site is the actual owner of the associated email address. It's a very easy process in which you only need to click on the link included in the welcome message we send you to your email address. You just need to make sure that you receive our welcome message and that it's not filtered out as spam. We recommend you add our domain name ( as a trusted sender to your email client software.

Only after you confirm your email address will you start to enjoy the free Premium membership included with all new registrations.