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Dream Card

A Dream Card is a card made up by one of our users for one of the collectible card games we feature (if you want to create your own, go here for instructions). Here the Dream Card is displayed as a normal card, with its name, game text, and all other attributes defining a card from the given game. Furthermore, any comment the author of the Dream Card included when he created it is displayed with the card.

You can rate a Dream Card by using the provided form just below it. If you have already rated the card, you will see instead its current average rating and the value you gave it.

When rating a Dream Card you should take into account whether it is original, well-balanced for game play, or whether it introduces new strategies, and is well thought-out, or whether it is just plain fun. You can give a card a value from 1 to 5, where 5 is the best score. The rating obtained by a Dream Card determines whether it becomes our Dream Card of the Week, which is featured on our home page during that week.

When rating a Dream Card you have the option to include a comment with your vote. Here you can explain the reasons why you gave the value you chose. This comment will be displayed, together with those from all other users at the bottom of this page.