Trade Cards Online help

collector binder

Your collector binder shows, sorted, the cards you have of a given set in a binder prepared to contain the complete collection. You can see the cards you have and the spaces for the ones you are missing, so that you can track how your collection grows. Furthermore you have lots of options to see and browse the binder, which makes it even more practical than the actual binder where you keep your cards.

Browsing your binder

To browse your collector binder you only need to click on the links that you find under it. You have links to turn the pages one by one ('Previous page' and 'Next page'), and also numbered links to go directly to each of the pages in the binder.

Size of the binder

If the binder is taking too much space on your computer screen and you can't handle it properly, you can access a smaller version by just clicking on the link at the top right corner which reads 'Display in a smaller size'. This will make the binder to shrink and all the card images to become smaller. If you want to return to the larger display you can do that with the link 'Display in a larger size'.

Showing the missing cards

Your collector binder lets you have a preliminary view of the cards you are missing so that you can better identify them when you're looking for them. You only need to click on the link at the top right corner which reads 'Show the missing cards'. Small images of the cards will show in the empty spaces of your binder, where they should go. You can hide them again by clicking on 'Hide the missing cards'.

Sorting the cards in your binder

You can instantly sort the cards in your binder by just choosing the desired parameter from the drop-down list you have at the top: you can sort them by alphabetical order based on their names, or by their numbers, or group them by type, or by rarity. This way you can better analyze your collection and see what kind of cards you are missing.

Inspecting the cards

To see each card in detail you only need to click on it and a new window will open with the enlarged image of that card so that you can see it in detail. You can even do this with the cards you are missing, even though they aren't showing in the binder. If we don't have the image for a given card, the details page for that card will open, where you can see its game text and other data.