Trade Cards Online help

upload card list file

You may upload your card collection directly to Trade Cards Online in the form of a text file. You only need to format the file in the right way, or you can just generate it automatically (see below). Then, from the list of cards you have or you want on the site, click on the link that appears at the bottom, in the 'Add card list from file' box.

You will get a form with the following fields:

Once the file you provided gets processed you will see a page with the result obtained. If there were errors they will be listed with the line they occurred in and a description (only the first 20 errors will be shown). If no errors were detected (or if you chose the option to ignore them), the number of cards added to your lists will be shown.

The errors that may occur are the following:


Format of the files to upload

The file to be uploaded must have a very specific format so that it can be processed without problems. It must be a text file in which each line contains the data for an element of the collection. You can see examples of correctly formatted lines here. And you can also generate a template file using the "Template file generation" form below the "File Upload" form, and save it to your computer. Then you only need to change the amounts (by default "0/0") for those cards that you want to include in your list.

The data for each element are to be separated by tabs (the character you get by pressing the 'Tab' key of your computer keyboard) and should not be delimited by quotes. Most spreadsheet and database programs let you export their contents to text files delimited by tabs. You can also use a text editor to adapt your list to our format.

The data for each card have to be the following, and in the indicated order:


Examples of correct lines in the files to upload

The following are lines that are formatted correctly to be uploaded to Trade Cards Online. Real values have been chosen for some of the existing games. You must replace the arrows (->) with tabs:

For the game 'Lord of the Rings':

The Two Towers ->29 ->No Refuge ->1 ->no ->English ->

This line indicates that you offer for trade 1 copy of the card 'No refuge', which is number '29' in the expansion set 'The Two Towers', and that this copy is in English and it is not foil.

For the game 'Magic the Gathering':

Legions ->129 ->Hundroog ->0/3 -> ->English ->For myself...
Scourge ->91 ->Enrage ->-1 ->yes ->English ->

The first line indicates that you don't offer any for trade, but that you have 3 copies in your collection of the card 'Hundroog', which is number '129' in the expansion set 'Legions', and that these 3 copies are in English and are not foil. It also includes a comment ('For myself...') which will show in your private lists next to the card.
The second line means that you want (because the amount value is negative) 1 copy of the card 'Enrage', which is number '91' in the expansion set 'Scourge', and that you want the card in English and foil.

For the game 'Yu-Gi-Oh!':

New Ruler (Japanese) ->23 ->Viper Pod ->2/1 -> 0->English ->
Cyberdark Impact ->CDI-EN060 ->Black Horn of Heaven ->-1 -> 0->Japanese ->

The first line means that you have 3 copies, of which you offer 2 copies for trade and keep 1 copy for you, of the card 'Viper Pod' which is number '23' in the expansion set 'New Ruler (Japanese)', and that the copies are in English.
The second line means that you want (because the amount value is negative) 1 copy of the card 'Black Horn of Heaven' which is number 'CDI-EN060' in the expansion set 'Cyberdark Impact', and that you want the copy in Japanese.